Full Research Papers

A Capsule Network for Recommendation and Explaining What You Like and Dislike
Chenliang Li, Cong Quan, Peng Li, Yunwei Qi, Yuming Deng and Libing Wu
Recommendation Systems | User Reviews | Deep Learning
A Collaborative Session-based Recommendation Approach with Parallel Memory Modules
Meirui Wang, Pengjie Ren, Lei Mei, Zhumin Chen, Jun Ma and Maarten de Rijke
Collaborative modeling | Session-based recommendation | Memory network
A General Framework for Counterfactual Learning-to-Rank
Aman Agarwal, Kenta Takatsu, Ivan Zaitsev and Thorsten Joachims
Unbiased learning to rank | Discounted Cumulative Gain | counterfactual inference
A Neural Influence Diffusion Model for Social Recommendation
Le Wu, Peijie Sun, Richang Hong, Yanjie Fu, Xiting Wang and Meng Wang
social diffusion | social recommendation | influence propagation
Accelerated Query Processing Via Similarity Score Prediction
Matthias Petri, Alistair Moffat, Joel Mackenzie, Shane Culpepper and Daniel Beck
inverted index | query processing | dynamic pruning | WAND processing | efficiency | web search
Adaptive Multi-Attention Network Incorporating Answer Information for Duplicate Question Detection
Di Liang, Fubao Zhang, Weidong Zhang, Qi Zhang, Jinlan Fu, Minlong Peng, Tao Gui and Xuanjing Huang
duplicate question detection | adaptive multi-attention | community-based question answer
Adversarial Mahalanobis Distance-based Attentive Song Recommender for Automatic Playlist Continuation
Thanh Tran, Renee Sweeney and Kyumin Lee
recommendation | memory metric based attention | automatic playlist continuation | mahalanobis distance | adversarial learning
An Efficient Adaptive Transfer Neural Network for Social-aware Recommendation
Chong Chen, Min Zhang, Chenyang Wang, Weizhi Ma, Minming Li, Yiqun Liu and Shaoping Ma
Recommender Systems | Adaptive Transfer Learning | Whole-data based Learning | Social Connections | Implicit Feedback
Answering Complex Questions by Joining Multi-Document Evidence with Quasi Knowledge Graphs
Xiaolu Lu, Soumajit Pramanik, Rishiraj Saha Roy, Abdalghani Abujabal, Yafang Wang and Gerhard Weikum
Question answering from the Web | Direct answers | Complex questions | Group Steiner Trees
Asking Clarifying Questions in Open-Domain Information-Seeking Conversations
Mohammad Aliannejadi, Hamed Zamani, Fabio Crestani and Bruce Croft
conversational search | clarifying questions | ad-hoc retrieval
Bayesian Personalized Feature Interaction Selection for Factorization Machines
Yifan Chen, Pengjie Ren, Yang Wang and Maarten de Rijke
Personalized Feature Interaction Selection | Bayesian Variable Selection | Factorization Machines | Recommender Systems
Bridging Gaps: Predicting User and Task Characteristics from Partial User Information
Matthew Mitsui and Chirag Shah
task prediction | task classification | interactive information retrieval | task type | user behavior | structure learning | bayesian networks
Compositional Coding for Collaborative Filtering
Chenghao Liu, Tao Lu, Xin Wang, Zhiyong Cheng, Jianling Sun and Steven C.H. Hoi
collaborative filtering | hashing | compositional coding
Context Attentive Document Ranking and Query Suggestion
Wasi Ahmad, Kai-Wei Chang and Hongning Wang
Search tasks | document ranking | query suggestion | neural IR models
Context-Aware Intent Identification in Email Conversations
Wei Wang, Saghar Hosseini, Ahmed Hassan Awadallah, Paul Bennett and Chris Quirk
Email Intent Understanding | Actionable Intents | Context Augmented Classification
Controlling Risk of Web Question Answering
Lixin Su, Jiafeng Guo, Yixing Fan, Yanyan Lan and Xueqi Cheng
Web QA | Question Answering | Machine Reading Comprehension
Cross-Modal Interaction Networks for Query-Based Moment Retrieval in Videos
Zhu Zhang, Zhijie Lin, Zhou Zhao and Zhenxin Xiao
Query-Based Moment Retrieval | Syntactic GCN | Multi-Head Self-Attention | Multi-Stage Cross-Modal Interaction
CROSS: Cross-platform Recommendation for Social E-Commerce
Tzu-Heng Lin, Chen Gao and Yong Li
Recommender Systems | Collaborative Filtering | Social Media
CTRec: A Long-Short Demands Evolution Model for Continuous-Time Recommendation
Ting Bai, Lixin Zou, Xin Zhao, Pan Du, Weidong Liu, Jian-Yun Nie and Ji-Rong Wen
Continuous-Time Recommendation | Long-Short Demands | Demand-Aware Hawkes Process | Self-Attentive Mechanism
DivGraphPointer: A Graph Pointer Network for Extracting Diverse Keyphrases
Zhiqing Sun, Jian Tang, Pan Du, Zhi-Hong Deng and Jian-Yun Nie
graph neural networks | keyphrase extraction | diversified pointer network | document-level word salience
Document Gated Reader for Open Domain Question Answering
Bingning Wang, Zhixing Tian, Kang Liu, Jun Zhao, Ting Yao, Qi Zhang and Jingfang Xu
Question Answering | Open Domain Question Answering | Machine Comprehension
Domain Adaptation for Enterprise Search
Brandon Tran, Maryam Karimzadehgan, Rama Pasumarthi, Michael Bendersky and Donald Metzler
Enterprise Search | Domain Adaptation | Learning-to-rank
Effects of User Negative Experience in Mobile News Streaming
Hongyu Lu, Min Zhang, Wezhi Ma, Ce Wang, Feng Xia, Yiqun Liu, Leyu Lin and Shaoping Ma
Negative Experience | News Streaming | User Behavior Modeling | User Satisfaction | Log Analysis
EnsembleGAN: Adversarial Learning for Retrieval-Generation Ensemble Model on Short-Text Conversation
Jiayi Zhang, Chongyang Tao, Zhenjing Xu, Qiaojing Xie, Wei Chen and Rui Yan
Retrieval-based dialogue systems | Generative-based dialogue systems | Ensemble model
ENT Rank: Retrieving Entities for Topical Information Needs through Entity-Neighbor-Text Relations
Laura Dietz
entity retrieval | learning to rank | joint text-entity retrieval
Fast Approximate Filtering of Search Results Sorted by Attribute
Roberto Trani, Franco Maria Nardini and Rossano Venturini
Relevance-aware Filtering | Approximation Algorithm | Efficiency-Effectiveness trade-off
Finding Camouflaged Needle in a Haystack? Pornographic Products Detection via Berrypicking Tree Model
Guoxiu He, Yangyang Kang, Zhe Gao, Zhuoren Jiang, Changlong Sun, Xiaozhong Liu, Wei Lu, Qiong Zhang and Luo Si
Spam Detection | Information Seeking | User Behavior | Query Log Analysis | Deep Neural Network
Generic Intent Representation in Web Search
Hongfei Zhang, Xia Song, Chenyan Xiong, Corby Rosset, Paul Bennett, Nick Craswell and Saurabh Tiwary
Generic Intent Encoding | Query Embedding | User Intent Understanding
Harvesting Drug Effectiveness from Social Media
Zi Chai, Xiaojun Wan, Zhao Zhang and Minjie Li
Drug effectiveness discovery | Relation extraction | Social media mining | Graph-based Information Transfers Over Time
Hate Speech Detection is Not as Easy as You May Think: A Closer Look at Model Validation
Aymé Arango, Jorge Perez and Barbara Poblete
hate speech detection | hate speech classification | experimental validation | benchmark datasets | deep learning | social media
Health Cards for Consumer Health Search
Jimmy Jimmy, Guido Zuccon, Bevan Koopman and Gianluca Demartini
Health cards | Consumer health search | User study
Hierarchical Matching Network for Crime Classification
Pengfei Wang, Yu Fan, Yongfeng Zhang, Shuzi Niu, Ze Yang and Jiafeng Guo
Hierarchical multi-label classification | Crime Classification | Hierarchical Matching Network
Hot Topic-Aware Retweet Prediction with Masked Self-attentive Model
Renfeng Ma, Qi Zhang, Xiangkun Hu, Xuanjing Huang and Yu-Gang Jiang
Retweet prediction | Hot topics | Social Medias
Human Behavior Inspired Machine Reading Comprehension
Yukun Zheng, Jiaxin Mao, Yiqun Liu, Zixin Ye, Min Zhang and Shaoping Ma
Reading comprehension | Reading behavior model | User behavior analysis | Eye tracking
Identifying Entity Properties from Text with Zero-shot Learning
Wiradee Imrattanatrai, Makoto P. Kato and Masatoshi Yoshikawa
Sentence classification | Property identification | Property embedding
Improving the Accuracy of System Performance Estimation by Using Shards
Nicola Ferro and Mark Sanderson
effectiveness model | ANOVA | multiple comparison
Information Needs, Queries, and Query Performance Prediction
Oleg Zendel, Anna Shtok, Fiana Raiber, Oren Kurland and Shane Culpepper
query-performance prediction | query variations | reference queries
Interact and Decide: Medley of Sub-Attention Networks for Effective Group Recommendation
Lucas Vinh Tran, Tuan-Anh Nguyen Pham, Yi Tay, Yiding Liu, Gao Cong and Xiaoli Li
Recommender Systems | Group Recommendation | Collaborative Filtering | Neural Attention Mechanism
Interpretable Fashion Matching with Rich Attributes
Xun Yang, Xiangnan He, Xiang Wang, Yunshan Ma, Fuli Feng, Meng Wang and Tat-Seng Chua
Fashion matching | Information Retrieval | Multimedia Recommendation
Intervention Harvesting for Context-Dependent Examination-Bias Estimation
Zhichong Fang, Aman Agarwal and Thorsten Joachims
propensity estimation | unbiased learning to rank | counterfactual learning
Investigating Passage-level Relevance and Its Role in Document-level Relevance Judgment
Zhijing Wu, Jiaxin Mao, Yiqun Liu, Min Zhang and Shaoping Ma
relevance judgment | passage relevance aggregation | relevance model
Jointly Modeling Relevance and Sensitivity for Search Among Sensitive Content
Mahmoud F. Sayed and Douglas W. Oard
Learning to rank | Sensitivity review | Evaluation
Knowledge Tracing with Sequential Key-Value Memory Network
Ghodai Abdelrahman and Qing Wang
Knowledge | Memory | Neural | Fuzzy | Sequence | Education | Learning | Tracing | Augmented
Learning from Fact-checkers: Analysis and Generation of Fact-checking Language
Nguyen Vo and Kyumin Lee
fake news | fact-checking | misinformation
Legal Intelligence for E-commerce: Multi-task Learning by Leveraging Multiview Dispute Representation
Xin Zhou, Yating Zhang, Xiaozhong Liu, Changlong Sun and Luo Si
Legal Intelligence | E-Commerce | Multiview Dispute Representation | Multi-task Learning
Lifelong Sequential Modeling with Personalized Memorization for User Response Prediction
Kan Ren, Jiarui Qin, Yuchen Fang, Weinan Zhang, Lei Zheng, Weijie Bian, Guorui Zhou, Jian Xu, Yong Yu, Xiaoqiang Zhu and Kun Gai
User Response Prediction | Lifelong Sequential Modeling | Memory Network
Mention Recommendation in Twitter with Cooperative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
Tao Gui, Peng Liu, Qi Zhang, Liang Zhu, Minlong Peng, Yunhua Zhou and Xuanjing Huang
Social Media | Mention Recommendation | Reinforcement Learning
Multi-view Embedding-based Synonyms for Email Search
Cheng Li, Mingyang Zhang, Michael Bendersky, Hongbo Deng, Donald Metzler and Marc Najork
embedding | synonym expansion | email search
Neural Graph Collaborative Filtering
Xiang Wang, Xiangnan He, Meng Wang, Fuli Feng and Tat-Seng Chua
Collaborative Filtering | Recommendation | Higher-order Connectivity | Embedding Propagation | Neural Recommender Model
Neural-Network Lexical Translation for Cross-lingual IR from Text and Speech
Rabih Zbib, Lingjun Zhao, Damianos Karakos, William Hartmann, Jay DeYoung, Zhongqiang Huang, Zhuolin Jiang, Noah Rivkin, Le Zhang, Richard Schwartz and John Makhoul
information retrieval | neural networks | machine translation | automatic speech recognition
Noise Contrastive Estimation for One-Class Collaborative Filtering
Ga Wu, Maksims Volkovs, Chee Loong Soon, Scott Sanner and Himanshu Rai
Linear Recommendation System | Collaborative Filtering | Noise Contrastive Estimation
One-Class Order Embedding Learning for Dependency Relation Prediction
Meng-Fen Chiang, Ee-Peng Lim, Wang-Chien Lee, Xavier Jayaraj Siddarth Ashok and Philips Kokoh Prasetyo
Vector-based Order Embedding | Negative Sampling Strategy | Dependency Relation Prediction | Knowledge Base Completion
Online Multi-modal Hashing with Dynamic Query-adaption
Xu Lu, Lei Zhu, Zhiyong Cheng, Liqiang Nie and Huaxiang Zhang
Online multi-modal hashing | Efficient discrete optimization | Dynamic query-adaption | Self-weighted
Online User Representation Learning Across Heterogeneous Social Networks
Weiqing Wang, Hongzhi Yin, Xingzhong Du, Wen Hua, Yongjun Li and Quoc Viet Hung Nguyen
user modelling | user linkage | social networks
Optimal Freshness Crawl Under Politeness Constraints
Andrey Kolobov, Yuval Peres, Eyal Lubetzky and Eric Horvitz
politeness constraints | crawl scheduling | convex optimization | index freshness
Outline Generation: Understanding the Inherent Content Structure of Documents
Ruqing Zhang, Jiafeng Guo, Yixing Fan, Yanyan Lan and Xueqi Cheng
Outline generation | Coherence | Hierarchical structured prediction
Personal Knowledge Base Construction from Text-based Lifelogs
An-Zi Yen, Hen-Hsen Huang and Hsin-Hsi Chen
Lifelogging | Life event detection | Personal knowledge base construction | Social media
Personalized Fashion Recommendation with Visual Explanations based on Multimodal Attention Network
Xu Chen, Hanxiong Chen, Hongteng Xu, Yongfeng Zhang, Yixin Cao, Hongyuan Zha and Zheng Qin
Recommender system | Fashion recommendation | Collaborative filtering
Privacy-aware Document Ranking with Neural Signals
Jinjin Shao, Shiyu Ji and Tao Yang
Neural ranking models | Privacy and relevance tradeoffs | Top K document search | Learning-to-rank tree ensembles
Prototype-guided Attribute-wise Interpretable Scheme for Clothing Matching
Xianjing Han, Xuemeng Song, Jianhua Yin, Yinglong Wang and Liqiang Nie
Compatibility modeling | Fashion analysis | Neural networks | Interpretable representation
PSGAN: A Minimax Game for Personalized Search with Limited and Noisy Click Data
Shuqi Lu, Zhicheng Dou, Jun Xu, Jian-Yun Nie and Ji-Rong Wen
search results personalization | generative adversarial networks | personalize search
Quantifying and Alleviating the Language Prior Problem in Visual Question Answering
Yangyang Guo, Zhiyong Cheng, Liqiang Nie, Yibing Liu, Yinglong Wang and Mohan Kankanhalli
Visual Question Answering | Language Prior | Evaluation Metric
Reinforcement Knowledge Graph Reasoning for Explainable Recommendation
Yikun Xian, Zuohui Fu, S. Muthukrishnan, Gerard de Melo and Yongfeng Zhang
Recommendation System | Reinforcement Learning | KnowledgeGraphs | Explainability
Relational Collaborative Filtering: Modeling Multiple Item Relations for Recommendation
Xin Xin, Xiangnan He, Yongfeng Zhang, Yongdong Zhang and Joemon Jose
Collaborative Filtering | Attention | Relation Learning
Revisiting Online Personal Search Metrics with the User in Mind
Azin Ashkan and Donald Metzler
Online quality metrics | Information retrieval evaluation | Personal search | Online experiments
Scalable Deep Multimodal Learning for Cross-Modal Retrieval
Peng Hu, Liangli Zhen, Dezhong Peng and Pei Liu
cross-modal retrieval | multimodal learning | representation learning
Similarity-Based Synthetic Document Representations for Meta-Feature Generation in Text Classification
Sergio Canuto, Thiago Salles, Thierson Couto Rosa and Marcos Goncalves
Meta-Features | Text Classification | Synthetic Documents
Statistical Significance Testing in Information Retrieval: An Empirical Analysis of Type I, Type II and Type III Errors
Julián Urbano, Harlley de Lima and Alan Hanjalic
Evaluation | Statistical significance | Student's t-test | Wilcoxon test | Sign test | Bootstrap test | Permutation test | Simulation | Type I and Type II errors
Supervised Hierarchical Cross-Modal Hashing
Changchang Sun, Xuemeng Song, Fuli Feng, Wayne Xin Zhao, Hao Zhang and Liqiang Nie
Cross-modal Retrieval | Hashing | Hierarchy | Discriminant analysis
Task Completion Detection
Ryen White, Ahmed Hassan Awadallah and Robert Sim
Tasks | Task completion | Intelligent assistants
Teach Machine How to Read: Reading Behavior Inspired Relevance Estimation
Xiangsheng Li, Jiaxin Mao, Chao Wang, Yiqun Liu, Min Zhang and Shaoping Ma
Reading behavior | Retrieval model | Reinforcement learning
The FacT: Taming Latent Factor Models for Explainability with Factorization Trees
Yiyi Tao, Yiling Jia, Nan Wang, Aobo Yang and Hongning Wang
Explainable Recommendation | Decision Tree | Sentiment Analysis | Latent Factor Models
To Model or to Intervene: A Comparison of Counterfactual and Online Learning to Rank from User Interactions
Rolf Jagerman, Harrie Oosterhuis and Maarten de Rijke
learning to rank | online learning | counterfactual learning | unbiased learning to rank
Transparent, Scrutable and Explainable User Models for Personalized Recommendation
Krisztian Balog, Filip Radlinski and Shushan Arakelyan
Recommendation | Transparency | Scrutability
Triple-to-Text: Converting RDF Triples into High Quality Natural Languages via Optimizing an Inverse KL Divergence
Yaoming Zhu, Juncheng Wan, Zhiming Zhou, Liheng Chen, Lin Qiu, Weinan Zhang, Xin Jiang and Yong Yu
Natural Language Generation | Knowledge Representation | Knowledge Bases
Unified Collaborative Filtering over Graph Embeddings
Pengfei Wang, Hanxiong Chen, Yadong Zhu, Huawei Shen and Yongfeng Zhang
Sequential Recommendation Path | Attention Mechanism | Model Selection
Unsupervised Neural Generative Semantic Hashing
Casper Hansen, Christian Hansen, Jakob Grue Simonsen, Stephen Alstrup and Christina Lioma
Unsupervised semantic hashing | Deep learning | Generative model | Document ranking
User Attention-guided Multimodal Dialog Systems
Chen Cui, Wenjie Wang, Xuemeng Song, Minlie Huang, Xin-Shun Xu and Liqiang Nie
Multimodal Dialog Systems | Multimodal Response Generation | Multimodal Utterance Encoder | Taxonomy-attribute Combined Tree | Attribute-level User Attention
Variance Reduction in Gradient Exploration for Online Learning to Rank
Huazheng Wang, Sonwoo Kim, Eric McCord-Snook, Qingyun Wu and Hongning Wang
Online Learning to Rank | Dueling Bandit | Variance Reduction
Video Dialog via Multi-Grained Convolutional Self-Attention Context Networks
Weike Jin, Zhou Zhao, Mao Gu, Jun Yu, Jun Xiao and Yueting Zhuang
video dialog | multi-grained self-attention | conversation | convolution
Warm Up Cold-start Advertisements: Improving CTR Predictions via Learning to Learn ID Embeddings
Feiyang Pan, Shuokai Li, Xiang Ao, Pingzhong Tang and Qing He
CTR Prediction | Online Advertising | Cold-Start | Meta-Learning
Which Diversity Evaluation Measures Are ``Good''?
Tetsuya Sakai and Zhaohao Zeng
evaluation measures | search result diversification | user preferences
Why do Users Issue Good Queries? Neural Correlates of Term Specificity
Lauri Kangassalo, Michiel Sovijärvi-Spaṕe, Giulio Jacucci and Tuukka Ruotsalo
Term specificity | Neurophysiological signals | EEG
π-Net: A Parallel Information-sharing Network for Cross-domain Shared-account Sequential Recommendations
Muyang Ma, Pengjie Ren, Yujie Lin, Zhumin Chen, Jun Ma and Maarten de Rijke
Cross-domain recommendation | Shared-account recommendation | Sequential recommendation | Transfer modeling

Short Research Papers

A Context-based Framework for Resource Citation Classification in Scientific Literatures
He Zhao, Zhunchen Luo, Chong Feng and Yuming Ye
A Dataset of Systematic Review Updates
Amal Alharbi and Mark Stevenson
A horizontal patent test collection
Mihai Lupu, Alexandros Bampoulidis and Luca Papariello
A Lightweight Representation of News Events on Social Media
Mauricio Quezada and Barbara Poblete
A New Perspective on Score Standardization
Julián Urbano, Harlley de Lima and Alan Hanjalic
A Scalable Virtual Document-Based Keyword Search System for RDF Datasets
Dennis Dosso and Gianmaria Silvello
A Study on Agreement in PICO Span Annotations
Grace E. Lee and Aixin Sun
A study on the Interpretability of Neural Retrieval Models using DeepSHAP
Zeon Trevor Fernando, Jaspreet Singh and Avishek Anand
A Systematic Comparison of Methods for Finding Good Premises for Claims
Lorik Dumani and Ralf Schenkel
ABCPRec: Adaptively Bridging Consumer and Producer Roles for User-Generated Content Recommendation
Kosetsu Tsukuda, Satoru Fukayama and Masataka Goto
Accelerating Exact Inner Product Retrieval by CPU-GPU System
Long Xiang, Bo Tang and Chuan Yang
Addressing Vocabulary Gap in E-commerce Search
Subhadeep Maji, Kalyani Roy, Rohan Kumar, Manish Bansal, Mohit Kumar and Pawan Goyal
Adversarial Collaborative Neural Network for Robust Recommendation
Feng Yuan, Lina Yao and Boualem Benatallah
Adversarial Training for Review-Based Recommendations
Dimitrios Rafailidis and Fabio Crestani
An Analysis of Query Reformulation Techniques for Precision Medicine
Maristella Agosti, Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio and Stefano Marchesin
An Analysis of the Change in Discussions on Social Media with Bitcoin Price
Andrew Burnie and Emine Yilmaz
Analyzing and Predicting News Popularity in an Instant Messaging Service
Mohammad Naseri and Hamed Zamani
Answer-enhanced Path-aware Relation Detection over Knowledge Base
Daoyuan Chen, Hai-Tao Zheng, Min Yang, Yaliang Li and Ying Shen
Argument Search: Assessing Argument Relevance
Martin Potthast, Lukas Gienapp, Florian Euchner, Nick Heilenkötter, Nico Weidmann, Henning Wachsmuth, Benno Stein and Matthias Hagen
Automatic Task Completion Flows from Web APIs
Kyle Williams, Seyyed Hadi Hashemi and Imed Zitouni
Axiomatic Regularization for Neural Information Retrieval
Corby Rosset, Bhaskar Mitra, Chenyan Xiong, Nick Craswell, Xia Song and Saurabh Tiwary
Block-distributed Gradient Boosted Trees
Theodore Vasiloudis, Hyunsu Cho and Henrik Boström
CEDR: Contextualized Embeddings for Document Ranking
Sean MacAvaney, Andrew Yates, Arman Cohan and Nazli Goharian
Cleaned Similarity for Better Memory-Based Recommenders
Farhan Khawar and Nevin L. Zhang
Coarse-to-Fine Grained Classification
Yuqi Huo, Yao Lu, Yulei Niu, Zhiwu Lu and Ji-Rong Wen
Content-Based Weak Supervision for Ad-Hoc Re-Ranking
Sean MacAvaney, Andrew Yates, Kai Hui and Ophir Frieder
Contextually Propagated Term Weights for Document Representation
Casper Hansen, Christian Hansen, Stephen Alstrup, Jakob Grue Simonsen and Christina Lioma
Decoding the Style and Bias of Song Lyrics
Manash Pratim Barman, Amit Awekar and Sambhav Kothari
Deep Collaborative Discrete Hashing with Semantic-Invariant Structure
Zijian Wang, Zheng Zhang, Yadan Luo and Zi Huang
Deep Distribution Network: Addressing the Data Sparsity Issue for Top-N Recommendation
Lei Zheng, Chaozhuo Li, Chun-Ta Lu, Jiawei Zhang and Philip Yu
Deeper Text Understanding for IR with Contextual Neural Language Modeling
Zhuyun Dai and Jamie Callan
Developing Evaluation Metrics for Instant Search Using Mixed Methods
Praveen Chandar, Jean Garcia-Gathright, Christine Hosey, Brian St. Thomas and Jennifer Thom
Dynamic Sampling Meets Pooling
Gordon Cormack, Haotian Zhang, Nimesh Ghelani, Mustafa Abualsaud, Mark Smucker, Maura Grossman, Shahin Rahbariasl and Amira Ghenai
Effective Medical Archives Processing Using Knowledge Graphs
Xiaoli Wang, Rongzhen Wang, Zhifeng Bao, Jiayin Liang and Wei Lu
Efficient Corpus-based Set Expansion with Lexico-syntactic Features and Distributed Representations
Puxuan Yu, Zhiqi Huang, Razieh Rahimi and James Allan
Embedding Edge-attributed Relational Hierarchies
Muhao Chen and Chris Quirk
Encoding Syntactic Dependency and Topical Information for Social Emotion Classification
Chang Wang, Bang Wang, Wei Xiang and Minghua Xu
Enhanced News Retrieval: Passages Lead the Way!
Matteo Catena, Ophir Frieder, Cristina Ioana Muntean, Franco Maria Nardini, Raffaele Perego and Nicola Tonellotto
Ensembles of Recurrent Networks for Classifying the Relationship of Fake News Titles
Ting Su, Craig Macdonald and Iadh Ounis
Evaluating Resource-Lean Cross-Lingual Embedding Models in Unsupervised Retrieval
Robert Litschko, Goran Glavaš, Ivan Vulić and Laura Dietz
Evaluating Variable-Length Multiple-Option Lists in Chatbots and Mobile Search
Pepa Atanasova, Georgi Karadzhov, Yasen Kiprov, Fabrizio Sebastiani and Preslav Nakov
FAQ Retrieval Using Attentive Matching
Sparsh Gupta and Vitor Carvalho
FAQ Retrieval using Query-Question Similarity and BERT-Based Query-Answer Relevance
Wataru Sakata, Tomohide Shibata, Ribeka Tanaka and Sadao Kurohashi
From Text to Sound: a Preliminary Study on Retrieving Sound Effects to Radio Stories
Songwei Ge, Curtis Xuan, Ruihua Song, Chao Zou, Wei Liu and Jin Zhou
Gated Spectral Units: Modeling Co-evolving Patterns for Sequential Recommendation
Lei Zheng, Ziwei Fan, Chun-Ta Lu, Jiawei Zhang and Philip Yu
Graph Intention Network for Click-through Rate Prediction in Sponsored Search
Feng Li, Zhenrui Chen, Pengjie Wang, Yi Ren, Di Zhang and Xiaoyu Zhu
Help Me Search: Leveraging User-System Collaboration for Query Construction to Improve Accuracy for Difficult Queries
Saar Kuzi, Abhishek Narwekar, Anusri Pampari and Chengxiang Zhai
History Modeling for Conversational Question Answering
Chen Qu, Liu Yang, Minghui Qiu, Bruce Croft, Yongfeng Zhang and Mohit Iyyer
How to deal with scarse annotations in question answering
Emmanuel Vallee, Delphine Charlet, Gabriel Marzinotto, Fabrice Clérot and Frank Meyer
Hyperlink Classification via Structured Graph Embedding
Geon Lee, Seonggoo Kang and Joyce Whang
Improving Collaborative Metric Learning with Efficient Negative Sampling
Viet Anh Tran, Romain Hennequin, Jimena Royo-Letelier and Manuel Moussallam
Information Cascades Modeling via Deep Multi-Task Learning
Xueqin Chen, Kunpeng Zhang, Fan Zhou, Goce Trajcevski, Ting Zhong and Fengli Zhang
Information Nutritional Label and Word Embedding to Estimate Information Check-Worthiness
Cédric Lespagnol, Josiane Mothe and Md Zia Ullah
Investigating the Interplay Between Searchers' Privacy Concerns and Their Search Behavior
Steven Zimmerman, Alistair Thorpe, Chris Fox and Udo Kruschwitz
Item Recommendation by Combining Relative and Absolute Feedback Data
Saikishore Kalloori, Francesco Ricci and Tianyu Li
Learning More From Less: Towards Strengthening Weak Supervision for Ad-Hoc Retrieval
Dany Haddad and Joydeep Ghosh
Learning Unsupervised Semantic Document Representation for Fine-grained Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis
Hao-Ming Fu and Pu-Jen Cheng
Length-adaptive Neural Network for Answer Selection
Taihua Shao, Fei Cai, Honghui Chen and Maarten de Rijke
Leveraging Emotional Signals for Credibility Detection
Anastasia Giachanou, Paolo Rosso and Fabio Crestani
LIRME: Locally Interpretable Ranking Model Explanation
Debasis Ganguly and Manisha Verma
Local Matrix Approximation based on Graph Random Walk
Xuejiao Yang and Bang Wang
M-HIN: Complex Embedding for Heterogeneous Information Networks via Metagraphs
Yang Fang, Xiang Zhao, Peixin Huang, Weidong Xiao and Maarten de Rijke
Modeling Transferable Topics for Cross-Target Stance Detection
Penghui Wei and Wenji Mao
Monte Carlo Tree Search enhanced Markov Decision Process for Sequence Tagging
Yadi Lao, Jun Xu, Sheng Gao, Jun Guo and Ji-Rong Wen
Multi-level Matching Networks for Text Matching
Chunlin Xu, Hui Wang, Zhiwei Lin and Shengli Wu
Multiple Query Processing via Logic Function Factoring
Matteo Catena and Nicola Tonellotto
Network Embedding and Change Modeling in Dynamic Heterogeneous Networks
Ranran Bian, Yun Sing Koh, Gillian Dobbie and Anna Divoli
Neural Compatibility Ranking for Text-based Fashion Matching
Suthee Chaidaroon, Yi Fang, Min Xie and Alessandro Magnani
Normalized Query Commitment Revisited
Haggai Roitman
NRPA: Neural Recommendation with Personalized Attention
Hongtao Liu, Fangzhao Wu, Wenjun Wang, Xianchen Wang, Pengfei Jiao, Chuhan Wu and Xing Xie
Numeral Attachment with Auxiliary Tasks
Chung-Chi Chen, Hen-Hsen Huang and Hsin-Hsi Chen
On Anonymous Commenting: A Greedy Approach to Balance Utilization and Anonymity for Instagram Users
Arian Askari, Asal Jalilvand and Mahmood Neshati
On the Additivity of Effectiveness Improvements from Neural Ranking Models
Wei Yang, Kuang Lu, Peilin Yang and Jimmy Lin
On the Effect of Low-Frequency Terms on Neural-IR Models
Sebastian Hofstätter, Navid Rekabsaz, Carsten Eickhoff and Allan Hanbury
On Topic Difficulty in IR Evaluation: The Effect of Corpora, Systems, and System Components
Shane Culpepper, Oren Kurland, Stefano Mizzaro, Kevin Roitero and Fabio Zampieri
On Tradeoffs Between Document Signature Methods for A Legal Due Diligence Corpus
Adam Roegiest and Edward Lee
One-Class Collaborative Filtering with the Queryable Variational Autoencoder
Ga Wu, Mohamed Reda Bouadjenek and Scott Sanner
Ontology-Aware Clinical Abstractive Summarization
Sean MacAvaney, Sajad Sotudeh Gharebagh, Arman Cohan, Nazli Goharian, Ish Talati and Ross W. Filice
Order-aware Embedding Neural Network for CTR Prediction
Wei Guo, Ruiming Tang, Huifeng Guo, Jianhua Han, Yuzhou Zhang and Wen Yang
Quantifying Bias and Variance of System Rankings
Gordon Cormack and Maura Grossman
Query Performance Prediction for Pseudo-Feedback-Based Retrieval
Haggai Roitman and Oren Kurland
Query-Task Mapping
Michael Völske, Ehsan Fatehifar, Benno Stein and Matthias Hagen
Reinforcement Learning for User Intent Prediction in Customer Service Bots
Cen Chen, Chilin Fu, Xu Hu, Xiaolu Zhang, Jun Zhou, Xiaolong Li and Forrest Sheng Bao
Retrieving Multi-Entity Associations: An Evaluation of Combination Modes for Word Embeddings
Gloria Feher, Andreas Spitz and Michael Gertz
Revealing the Role of User Moods in Struggling Search Tasks
Luyan Xu, Xuan Zhou and Ujwal Gadiraju
Revisiting Approximate Metric Optimizationin in the Age of Deep Neural Networks
Sebastian Bruch, Masrour Zoghi, Michael Bendersky and Marc Najork
SAIN: Self-Attentive Integration Network for Recommendation
Seoungjun Yun, Raehyun Kim, Miyoung Ko and Jaewoo Kang
Selecting Discriminative Terms for Relevance Feedback based Information Retrieval
Dwaipayan Roy, Sumit Bhatia and Mandar Mitra
Sequence and Time Aware Neighborhood for Session-based Recommendations
Diksha Garg, Priyanka Gupta, Pankaj Malhotra, Lovekesh Vig and Gautam Shroff
Social Attentive Deep Q-network for Recommendation
Yu Lei, Zhitao Wang, Wenjie Li and Hongbin Pei
Sparse tensor co-clustering as a tool for document categorization
Rafika Boutalbi, Lazhar Labiod and Mohamed Nadif
Syntax-Aware Aspect-Level Sentiment Classification with Proximity-Weighted Convolution Network
Chen Zhang, Qiuchi Li and Dawei Song
Table2Vec: Neural Word and Entity Embeddings for Table Population and Retrieval
Li Deng, Shuo Zhang and Krisztian Balog
TDP: Personalized Taxi Demand Prediction Based on Heterogeneous Graph Embedding
Zhenlong Zhu, Ruixuan Li, Minghui Shan, Yuhua Li, Lu Gao, Fei Wang, Jixing Xu and Xiwu Gu
Text Retrieval Priors for Bayesian Logistic Regression
Eugene Yang, Dave Lewis and Ophir Frieder
The Emotion Profile of Web Search
Gabriella Kazai, Paul Thomas and Nick Craswell
The Impact of Score Ties on Repeatability in Document Ranking
Jimmy Lin and Peilin Yang
Time-Limits and Summaries for Faster Relevance Assessing
Shahin Rahbariasl and Mark Smucker
Towards better support for exploratory search through an investigation of notes-to-self and notes-to-share
Anita Crescenzi, Yuan Li, Yinglong Zhang and Robert Capra
Towards Context-Aware Evaluation for Image Search
Yunqiu Shao, Jiaxin Mao, Yiqun Liu, Min Zhang and Shaoping Ma
Towards Contextual Dialogue Act Classification for Open-Domain Conversational Agents
Ali Ahmadvand, Jason Choi and Eugene Agichtein
Training Streaming Factorization Machines with Alternating Least Squares
Xueyu Mao, Saayan Mitra and Sheng Li
Unbiased Low-Variance Estimators for Precision and Related Information Retrieval Effectiveness Measures
Gordon Cormack and Maura Grossman
Uncovering Insurance Fraud Conspiracy with Network Learning
Chen Liang, Ziqi Liu, Bin Liu, Jun Zhou, Xiaolong Li, Shuang Yang and Yuan Qi
Understanding the Interpretability of Search Result Summaries
Siyu Mi and Jiepu Jiang
Using Trails to Support Users with Tasks of Varying Scope
Robert Capra and Jaime Arguello
Vertical Search Blending - A Real-world Counterfactual Dataset
Pavel Prochazka, Matej Kocian, Jakub Drdak, Jan Vrsovsky, Vladimir Kadlec and Jaroslav Kuchar
Yelling at Your TV: An Analysis of Speech Recognition Errors and Subsequent User Behavior on Entertainment Systems
Raphael Tang, Ferhan Ture and Jimmy Lin

Demo Papers

A Pipeline for Disaster Response and Relief Coordination
Pranav Maneriker, Nikhita Vedula, Hussein Al-Olimat, Jiayong Liang, Omar El-Khoury, Ethan Kubatko, Desheng Liu, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, Valerie Shalin, Amit Sheth and Srinivasan Parthasarathy
AgentBuddy: an Information Retrieval System to reduce Cognitive Load for Customer Care Agents
Hrishikesh Ganu, Mithun Ghosh, Freddy Jose and Shashi Roshan
AliISA: Creating an Interactive Search Experience inE-commerce Platforms
Fei Xiao, Zhen Wang, Hai Kuan Huang, Jun Huang, Xi Chen, Hong Bo Deng and Ming Hui Qiu
An Experimentation Platform for Precision Medicine
Vincent Nguyen, Sarvnaz Karimi and Brian Jin
An Open-Access Platform for Transparent and Reproducible Structured Searching
Tony Russell-Rose and Jon Chamberlain
Automatic Curation of Content Tables for Educational Videos
Arpan Mukherjee, Shubhi Tiwari, Tanya Chowdhury and Tanmoy Chakraborty
cwl_eval: An Evaluation Tool for Information Retrieval
Leif Azzopardi, Paul Thomas and Alistair Moffat
Demonstrating Requirement Search on a University Degree Search Application
Nicholas Mendez, Kyle De Freitas and Inzamam Rahaman
Event Tracker: A Text Analytics Platform for Use During Disasters
Charles Thomas, Richard McCreadie and Iadh Ounis
EXACT: Attributed Entity Extraction By Annotating Texts
Ke Chen, Lei Feng, Qingkuang Chen, Gang Chen and Lidan Shou
Expert-Guided Entity Extraction using Expressive Rules
Mayank Kejriwal, Runqi Shao and Pedro Szekely
Explanatory Debugging for TableQA
Minseok Cho, Gyeongbok Lee and Seung-Won Hwang
Information Retrieval Meets Scalable Text Analytics: Solr Integration with Spark
Ryan Clancy, Jaejun Lee, Zeynep Akkalyoncu Yilmaz and Jimmy Lin
KANDINSKY: Abstract Art-Inspired Visualization of Social Discussions
Christina Lui, Sourav S Bhowmick and Adam Jatowt
MatchZoo: A Learning, Practicing, and Developing System for Neural Text Matching
Jiafeng Guo, Yixing Fan, Xiang Ji and Xueqi Cheng
Parrot: A Python-based Interactive Platform for Information Retrieval Research
Xinhui Tu, Jimmy Xiangji Huang, Jing Luo, Runjie Zhu and Tingting He
SCSS-LIE: A Novel Synchronous Collaborative Search System with a Live Interactive Engine
Junyan Wang, Peng Zhang, Cheng Zhang and Dawei Song
Social Knowledge Graph Explorer
Omar Alonso, Vasilis Kandylas and Serge-Eric Tremblay
Solr Integration in the Anserini Information Retrieval Toolkit
Ryan Clancy, Toke Eskildsen, Nick Ruest and Jimmy Lin
TrecTools: an open-source Python library for Information Retrieval practitioners involved in TREC-like campaigns
Joao Palotti, Harrisen Scells and Guido Zuccon
WestSearch Plus: A Non-factoid Question-Answering System for the Legal Domain
Gayle McElvain, George Sanchez, Sean Matthews, Don Teo, Filippo Pompili and Tonya Custis

Doctoral Consortium Papers

A Domain-Independent and Multilingual Approach for Crisis Event Detection and Understanding
Hernan Sarmiento
Biomedical Heterogeneous Data Integration and Rank Retrieval using Data Bridges
Priya Deshpande
Characterizing the Stages of Complex Tasks
Jiqun Liu
Document Distance Metric Learning in an Interactive Exploration Process
Marco Wrzalik
Dynamic Content Monitoring and Exploration using Vector Spaces
Benyou Wang
Efficient and Effective Text-Annotation through Active Learning
Markus Zlabinger
Evaluating Risk-Sensitive Text Retrieval
Rodger Benham
Event Information Retrieval from Text
Rashmi Sankepally
From Query Variations To Learned Relevance Modelling
Binsheng Liu
Implicit Entity Recognition, Classification and Linking in Tweets
Hawre Hosseini
Informing the Design of Conversational IR Systems: Framework and Result Presentation
Souvick Ghosh
Measuring Job Search Effectiveness
Alfan Farizki Wicaksono
Multimodal Data Fusion with Quantum Inspiration
Qiuchi Li
Ranking Robustness in Adversarial Retrieval Settings
Gregory Goren