General information

For all presenters: please read the ACM accessibility guidelines

Full Papers

Full papers will be presented during the main conference. The duration of each talk is of 20 minutes (questions included). The format of the screen is 16/9, and you can either connect with a HDMI connector, or using the provided PC. Please come before your session in order to have sessions running smoothly.

Posters and demos

Posters should be in A0 format with a portrait orientation (or anything that fits within that), and be either made of:

  • Laminated paper: if this looks like paper, then no - the paper should either be like glossy photo paper, or looks like it has a thin layer of plastic on top of it.
  • Synthetic fabric: any synthetic fabric will do
This is a fire regulation, materials should melt and not burn - you might not be allowed to display your poster if you don't respect the above

Demos will have access to a poster holder, a table and two chairs. We will also provide monitors for display (mix of VGA or HDMI, please bring both adaptators if you can).

Need to print your poster in Paris?

You can go to AuPrint located 14 Rue Rouvet, 75019 Paris - 10 minute walk from the conference center (Monday-Friday, 8h30-19h30; Saturday: 9h-19h). Please allow at least 2h for printing.

Please show the following message to the person (we called them): "Poster A0 pour la cité des sciences - textile/bâche ou papier plastifié/photo uniquement"