General information

The conference will be held in the Cité des Sciences located in the north-east of Paris. The Cité des sciences is located with the park La Villette which is home to exhibitions, and shows. We will latter publish here more information about the activities.

The conference (and welcome cocktail) takes place in a museum, a security check is done at the entrance of the museum; this means:
  • Please avoid as much as possible bringing luggages to the conference since this will make the security check much longer for you and the other participants
  • You should arrive in advance - during the day, queues are mixed with visitors
  • No not bring anything that can be considered as a weapon (e.g. knife)

If you cannot leave your luggage at your hotel, you can use lockers in trani station and other locations. In particular, you can use DropYourBag or Eelway that can pick up your luggage at your hotel and transports it to the airport - either Orly or Charles de Gaulle.

How to get there?

Getting to the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie

Please use the Citymapper widget (right or below) to get to the La Villette park. Main public transport accesses are line 5 (stop: Porte de Patin) or line 7 (stop: Porte de la Villette); you can use citymapper to find directions:

When arrived, you can use the interactive map,, you should aim at the "Cité des sciences et de l'Industrie".

You can also follow the visual guides:

Within the Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie: Getting to the conference center / auditorium

The conference will take place in the conference center (level -1) except for sessions taking place in the Loft (level -1) or in the auditorium (level 0).

Please look at:

When arriving by the main entrance, take the stairs on the left - you should then arrive directly to the conference center!

Conference center

The conference center (CCV) is made of three floors. You arrive from at level S1 when entering the conference center.

Level S1

Level S2

Level S3