The main tourist information center is located right in the center of Paris, near the town hall.

The Practical Paris web pagecontains a lot of information about Paris:

General topics

Useful information



There are many way to travel within Paris. A good tool to find the different travelling options (walking, subway, taxi, shared bikes and many others) is Citymapper that provides an iOS and Android app, as well as a website, to prepare your travels.

Public transportation

Subway and Regional Trains are the most effective way to travel within Paris. There is also a good network of buses, but it can take more or less time depending on the traffic.

You can find the different tariffs on the ParisInfo website.

Bikes, trottinettes, scooters

You can easily use shared bikes (Velib) (either electric or not) - or other free floating bikes. Biking in Paris has improved a lot those last years, but Paris is still a big city, and there are not always bike paths.

There are also a lot flee-floating electric “trotinettes” (to cite the most common Lime or Bird). Note that they should be parked properly now (or you will be fined), and that you are not allowed to use them on sideways (you can use bike lines).


You can find a lot of official information about taxis on the ParisInfo website.