The SIGIR Symposium on IR in Practice (SIRIP), formally known as the SIGIR Industry Track, provides an opportunity for researchers, engineers, practitioners, analysts and consumers to meet and discuss the latest related IR technologies as deployed in companies, big and small, and to achieve knowledge transfer across the boundary between academia and industry. SIRIP 2019 will be held as part of ACM SIGIR 2019 which will take place July 21-25, 2019 in Paris, France.

We encourage paper and panel proposals for SIRIP on the following categories:

  • Position papers or panel proposals on the current and future state of IR in practice (controversy welcomed). For example:
    • Do home voice-enabled devices require new IR science or is it all the same? What are other successes and challenges in user experience and interfaces for search?
    • Now that IR services are mainstream, what is the role of IR research both in academia and industry?
    • Will Deep Learning be the answer to all IR problems? Are there IR specific issues that need to be addressed? Can IR contribute to some of the current hot ML issues such as explainability, fairness, causality.
    • Should we merge IR back into NLP? Where is the frontier?
  • Applications of IR in areas not well covered by the main conference. We would prefer contributions to IR for the legal domain, bioinformatics, genomics, gaming, politics, etc over web search, e-commerce search, and advertising.
  • Startup presentations, creating a connection with academia to solve interesting problems.

The presentation format of the Symposium will be decided based on submissions and interest to the wider community, and is likely to be a mix of short and long presentations as well as panels.

Proposals should be at most 4 pages and follow the ACM format. Formatting guidelines are available at the ACM Website (use the ˮsigconf” proceedings template). Please include:

  • title, abstract, main contributions, and relevancy to SIRIP 2019 themes
  • a brief company portrait for startup presentations
  • a short CV of the presenters

A condition of acceptance is that at least one author commits to attend SIRIP 2019 to present the work. The authors of accepted proposals will be invited to submit a 2-pages camera ready paper.

Submission website

Authors should submit proposals via the submission website here:

Important dates

SIRIP proposal due Sun, Mar 17, 2019
SIRIP notifications Sun, Apr 28, 2019 updated
SIRIP camera-ready deadline TBD

SIRIP chairs

Capital One

All questions about submissions should be emailed to (or the easychair address).