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The 30th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference
23-27 July 2007, Amsterdam

Accepted Papers

Hierarchical Classification for Automatic Image Annotation
Jianping Fan

Alternatives to Bpref
Tetsuya Sakai

Laplacian Optimal Design for Image Retrieval
Xiaofei He, Deng Cai

Federated Text Retrieval From Uncooperative Overlapped Collections
Milad Shokouhi, Justin Zobel

A New Approach for Evaluating Query Expansion: Query-document Term Mismatch
Tonya Custis, Khalid Al-Kofahi

Fast Generation of Result Snippets in Web Search
Andrew Turpin, Yohannes Tsegay, David Hawking, Hugh E. Williams

Updating Collection Representations For Federated Search
Milad Shokouhi, Mark Baillie, Leif Azzopardi

HITS hits TREC: Exploring IR evaluation results with network analysis
Stefano Mizzaro, Stephen Robertson

Latent Concept Expansion Using Markov Random Fields
Donald Metzler, Bruce Croft

Query Performance Prediction in Web Search Environments
Yun Zhou, Bruce Croft

Indexing Confusion Networks for Morph-based Spoken Document Retrieval
Ville Turunen, Mikko Kurimo

Reliable Information Retrieval Evaluation with Incomplete and Biased Judgements
Stefan Buettcher, Charles Clarke, Peter Yeung, Ian Soboroff

New Event Detection Based on Indexing-tree and Named Entity
Kuo ZHANG, JuanZi LI, Gang WU

A Time Machine for Text Search
Klaus Berberich, Srikanta Bedathur, Thomas Neumann, Gerhard Weikum

Compressed Permuterm Index
Paolo Ferragina, Rossano Venturini

Detecting, Categorizing and Clustering Entity Mentions in Chinese Text
Wenjie Li, Donglei Qian, Chunfa Yuan, Qin Lu

FRank: A Ranking Method with Fidelity Loss
Ming-Feng Tsai, Tie-Yan Liu, Tao Qin, Hsin-Hsi Chen, Wei-Ying Ma

A Regression Framework for Learning Ranking Functions Using Relative Relevance Judgments
Zhaohui Zheng, Hongyuan Zha, Keke Chen, Gordon Sun

History Repeats Itself: Re-Finding Queries in a Major Search Engine's Logs
Jaime Teevan, Eytan Adar, Rosie Jones, Michael Potts

Random Walks on the Click Graph
Nick Craswell, Martin Szummer

Towards Automatic Extraction of Event and Place Semantics from Flickr Tags
Tye Rattenbury, Nathaniel Good, Mor Naaman

Clustering of Documents with Local and Global Regularization
Fei Wang, Changshui Zhang, Tao Li

An InterActive Algorithm For Asking And Incorporating Feature Feedback into Support Vector Machines
Hema Raghavan, James Allan

Efficient Document Retrieval in Main Memory
Trevor Strohman, Bruce Croft

A Boosting Algorithm for Information Retrieval
Jun Xu, Hang Li

How well does result relevance predict session satisfaction?
Scott Huffman, Michael Hochster

A Support Vector Method for Optimizing Average Precision
Yisong Yue, Thomas Finley, Filip Radlinski, Thorsten Joachims

Strategic System Comparisons via Targeted Relevance Judgments
Alistair Moffat, William Webber, Justin Zobel

Topic Segmentation with Shared Topic Detection and Alignment of Multiple Documents
Sun Bingjun, Prasenjit Mitra, Lee Giles, Hongyuan Zha, John Yen

HITS on the Web: How does it Compare?
Marc Najork, Hugo Zaragoza, Michael Taylor

Effective Missing Data Prediction for Collaborative Filtering
Hao Ma, Irwin King, Michael R. Lyu

Feature Selection for Ranking
Xiubo Geng, Tie-Yan Liu, Tao Qin

Interesting Nuggets and Their Impact on Definitional Question Answering
Kian-Wei Kor, Tat Seng Chua

Ranking with Multiple Hyperplanes
Tao Qin, Tie-Yan Liu, Wei Lai, Xu-Dong Zhang, De-Sheng Wang, Hang Li

Building Simulated Queries for Known-Item Topics: An Analysis using Six European Languages
Leif Azzopardi, Maarten de Rijke, Krisztian Balog

CollabSum: Exploiting Multiple Document Clustering for Collaborative Single Document Summarizations
Xiaojun Wan

The Influence of Caption Features on Clickthrough Patterns in Web Search
Charles Clarke, Eugene Agichtein, Susan Dumais, Ryen White

Personalized Query Expansion for the Web
Paul - Alexandru Chirita, Claudiu Firan, Wolfgang Nejdl

Principles of Hash-based Text Retrieval
Benno Stein

An Outranking Approach for Rank Aggregation in Information Retrieval
Mohamed Farah, Daniel Vanderpooten

Deconstructing Nuggets: The Stability and Reliability of Complex Question Answering Evaluation
Jimmy Lin, Pengyi Zhang

DiffusionRank: A Possible Penicillin for Web Spamming
Haixuan Yang, Irwin King, Michael R. Lyu

Investigating the Querying and Browsing Behavior of Advanced Search Engine Users
Ryen White, Dan Morris

Neighborhood Restrictions in Geographic IR
Steven Schockaert, Martine De Cock

A Probabilistic Graphical Model for Joint Answer Ranking in Question Answering
Jeongwoo Ko, Luo Si, Eric Nyberg

Towards Task-based PIM Evaluations
David Elsweiler, Ian Ruthven

Utility-based Information Distillation Over Temporally Sequenced Documents
Yiming Yang, Abhimanyu Lad, Ni Lao, Abhay Harpale, Bryan Kisiel, Monica Rogati, Jian Zhang, Jaime Carbonell, Peter Brusilovsky, Daqing He

A Semantic Approach to Contextual Advertising
Vanja Josifovski, Andrei Broder, Lance Riedel, Marcus Fontoura

Test Theory for Assessing IR Test Collections
David Bodoff, Pu Li

Vocabulary Independent Spoken Term Detection
Jonathan Mamou, Bhuvana Ramabhadran, Olivier Siohan

ESTER: Efficient Search on Text, Entities, and Relations
Holger Bast, Alexandru Chitea, Fabian Suchanek, Ingmar Weber

A Combined Component Approach for Finding Collection-Adapted Ranking Functions based on Genetic Prog
Humberto Almeida, Marcos Goncalves, Marco Cristo, Pavel Calado

Supporting Multiple Information Seeking Strategies in a Single System Framework
Xiaojun Yuan, Nicholas Belkin

Context Sensitive Stemming for Web Search
Fuchun Peng, Nawaaz Ahmed, Xin Li, Yumao Lu

Know your Neighbors: Web Spam Detection using the Web Topology
Carlos Castillo, Debora Donato, Aristides Gionis, Vanessa Murdock, Fabrizio Silvestri

Combining Content and Link for Classification using Matrix Factorization
Shenghuo Zhu, Kai Yu, Yun Chi, Yihong Gong

Evaluating sampling methods for uncooperative collections
Paul Thomas, David Hawking

An Exploration of Proximity Measures in Information Retrieval
Tao Tao, ChengXiang Zhai

Relaxed Online Support Vector Machines for Spam Filtering
D. Sculley, Gabriel Wachman (best student paper)

Robust Classification of Rare Queries Using Web Knowledge
Andrei Broder, Marcus Fontoura, Evgeniy Gabrilovich, Amruta Joshi, Vanja Josifovski, Tong Zhang

Multiple-signal duplicate detection for search evaluation
Scott Huffman, April Lehman, Alexei Stolboushkin, Howard Wong-Toi, Fan Yang, Hein Roehrig

Structured Retrieval for Question Answering
Matthew Bilotti, Paul Ogilvie, Jamie Callan, Eric Nyberg

Robust Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems
Ben Carterette

On the Robustness of Relevance Measures with Incomplete Judgments
Tanuja Bompada, Chi-Chao Chang, John Chen, Ravi Kumar, Rajesh Shenoy

Cross-Lingual Query Suggestion Using Query Logs of Different Languages
Wei Gao, Cheng Niu, Jian-Yun Nie, Ming Zhou, Jian Hu, Kam-Fai Wong, Hsiao-Wuen Hon

Efficient Bayesian Hierarchical User Modeling for Recommendation Systems
Yi Zhang, Jonathan Koren

Studying the Use of Popular Destinations to Enhance Web Search Interaction
Ryen White, Mikhail Bilenko, Silviu Cucerzan (best paper)

Knowledge-intensive Conceptual Retrieval and Passage Extraction of Biomedical Literature
Wei Zhou, Clement Yu, Neil Smalheiser, Vetle Torvik, Jie Hong

The Impact of Caching on Search Engines
Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Aristides Gionis, Flavio Junqueira, Vanessa Murdock, Vassilis Plachouras, Fabrizio Silvestri

Heavy-Tailed Distributions and Multi-Keyword Queries
Arnd Konig, Surajit Chaudhuri, Liying Sui, Kenneth Church

Improving Text Classification for Oral History Archives with Temporal Domain Knowledge
James Olsson, Douglas Oard

Estimation and Use of Uncertainty in Pseudo-relevance Feedback
Kevyn Collins-Thompson, Jamie Callan

Term Feedback for Information Retrieval with Language Models
Bin Tan, Atulya Velivelli, Hui Fang, ChengXiang Zhai

Enhancing Relevance Scoring With Chronological Term Rank
Adam Troy, Guo-Qiang Zhang

Inverted Index Pruning with Correctness Guarantee
Alexandros Ntoulas, Junghoo-John Cho

A Study of Poisson Query Generation Model for Information Retrieval
Qiaozhu Mei, Hui Fang, ChengXiang Zhai

ARSA: A Sentiment-Aware Model for Predicting Sales Performance Using Blogs
Yang Liu, Jimmy Huang, Aijun An, Xiaohui Yu

A Music Search Engine Built upon Audio-based and Web-based Similarity Measures
Peter Knees, Tim Pohle, Markus Schedl, Gerhard Widmer

Learn from Web Search Logs to Organize Search Results
Xuanhui Wang, ChengXiang Zhai

Using Query Contexts in Information Retrieval
Jing Bai, Jian-Yun Nie, Hugue Bouchard, Guihong Cao

Measuring the Spatial Correlation of Retrieval Functions for Zero- Judgment Performance Prediction
Fernando Diaz

Towards Musical Query-by-Semantic-Description using the CAL500 Data Set
Douglas Turnbull, Luke Barrington, David Torres, Gert Lanckriet

Web Text Retrieval with a P2P Query-Driven Index
Gleb Skobeltsyn, Toan Luu, Ivana Podnar, Martin Rajman, Karl Aberer

Analyzing Feature Trajectories for Event Detection
Qi He, Kuiyu Chang, Ee-Peng Lim

Broad Expertise Retrieval in Sparse Data Environments
Krisztian Balog, Maarten de Rijke, Leif Azzopardi