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The 30th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference
23-27 July 2007, Amsterdam

Doctoral Consortium Workshop

The SIGIR doctoral consortium takes place at the University of Amsterdam, Building E, on Monday July 23rd.

Accepted contributions

Azzah Al-Maskari (University of Sheffield)
Beyond Classical Measures: How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Interactive Information Retrieval

Krisztian Balog (University of Amsterdam)
People Search in the Enterprise

Andreas Broschart (Max-Planck-Institut)
Efficient Integration of Proximity for Text, Semi-Structured and Graph Retrieval

Georg Buscher (German Research Center for AI)
Attention-Based Information Retrieval

Jan Frederik Forst (Queen Mary, University of London)
A Summarisation Logic for Structured Documents

Michael Huggett (University of British Columbia)
Information Behaviour Modeling with External Cues

Steven Schockaert (Ghent University)
Fuzzy Temporal and Spatial Reasoning for Intelligent Information Retrieval

Suzan Verberne (University of Nijmegen)
Paragraph Retrieval for Why-Question Answering

Peter Wilkins (Dublin City University)
Automatic Query-Time Generation of Retrieval Expert Coefficients for Multimedia Retrieval

Hans Friedrich Witschel (University of Leipzig)
Global Resources for Peer-to-Peer Text Retrieval