Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Lunch


July 13, 12:30-13:30

Room: «Sala de Columnas», Floor: 4

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to SIGIR DEI and DEI activities
  • Talk by invited speaker
  • Q&A and open discussion
Keynote: Be connected, Be active, and Be Inclusive

Min Zhang
Ph.D & Professor (Tsinghua University)

Dr. Min Zhang is a tenured professor in the Department of Computer Science & Technology (DCST), Tsinghua University, and is the vice director of the AI lab, DCST. She specializes in Web search, personalized recommendation, and user modeling. Currently she serves as the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of ACM Transaction on Information Systems (TOIS). She has been SIGIR Executive Committee member as the Treasurer in the past years, and PC chair or Area Chairs of top conferences such as SIGIR, WSDM, theWebConf, etc. She also owns 12 patents and cooperates with many international and domestic enterprises.