Social Events

After three years, the SIGIR community will finally have the chance to meet outside the virtual world. For such a special occasion, we wanted to build an equally special program of social events. This is what we have come up with:

Welcome Reception

Monday, July 11, 20:00-21:30

Room: «Azotea», Floor: 7

The Welcome Reception will be held at the Azotea del Círculo located on the rooftop of Círculo de Bellas Artes (conference venue), on Monday, July 11th at 20:00h.

Azotea del Círculo is a unique gastro-cultural project in a privileged setting thanks to its location, the beauty of the building and its views. It is a unique space to contemplate the urban landscape of Madrid in 360 degrees.

The Rooftop is structured so that guests never turn their backs on the magnificent views of the city. During sunny hours, vibrant colors transform the space into an incomparable spectacle, and at nightfall, lighting planned in detail will make everything be perceived in a unique atmosphere. Indeed, it is known as one of the best lookout points in Madrid.

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Music Event

Tuesday, July 12, 19:00-20:30

Room: «Teatro Francisco de Rojas», Floor: 2

On Tuesday, we add a special event to the traditional SIGIR social events: a concert in the meeting venue, right after the technical sessions. We will have a live performance of Fetén Fetén (approximate translation: dope dope), one of the best Spanish folk bands. In contrast with the SIGIR community, Fetén Fetén is a strictly analog band. They have, however, impressive engineering skills when it comes to building extravagant instruments.

In this video you can enjoy “Jota del Wasabi”, a composition that mixes traditional spanish musical forms with a japanese scent.

In this video you can enjoy them performing a song with María Rozalén, one of the best Spanish singers nowadays and Grammy-award candidate:


Wednesday, July 13, 19:00-23:30

Palacio del Negralejo
(Return buses to Madrid will depart periodically from the Palacio del Negralejo from 23:30.).

On Wednesday, we will have the banquet outside the city, in a traditional Spanish Villa, Palacio del Negralejo. And, after the dinner, we will have a special SIGIR music event which will open with a performance by Trevithick (a music band that includes two of the SIGIR 2022 GCs and the Social Event Chair) and will follow with a jam session where all SIGIR attendees with musical skills are invited to participate.

The Conference Dinner will be held at The Palacio de Negralejo on Wednesday 13th July 2023.

The Organising Committee is pleased to inform you that there will be a shuttle service available for congress registered attendees from The Circulo de Bellas Artes (city center) to get to the Palacio del Negralejo (Conference dinner venue). Return buses to Madrid will depart periodically from the Palacio del Negralejo from 23:30.

Call for musicians!

We will organise an open-air jam session right after the conference gala dinner.

Are you a musician? If you would like to participate, please fill in the following form to enrol!