COVID-19 Related info


The SIGIR exec asks that all SIGIR conference attendees wear high-quality, well-fitting masks whilst indoors, and remove their masks only the minimal amount necessary to eat and drink.

This policy is in force even if local regulations are less strict, but may be superseded by stricter local regulations.

Furthermore, the SIGIR exec strongly encourages attendees to wear a mask in indoor space outside the conference venue (including public transportation) to avoid bringing COVID to the venue. In particular, we ask that the attendees avoid crowded indoor places as much as possible.

All SIGIR conference attendees are encouraged to check the latest “Advice for the public” provided by WHO before travelling.

This policy will be revised regularly by the SIGIR exec so as to be responsive to changing pandemic conditions.

COVID status in Madrid

Also check this link for updated practical information for traveling to Spain (and Madrid in particular) in covid times: