Call for Volunteers

IMPORTANT: Deadline extended. Applications must be received by June 7th for full consideration.

We are seeking student volunteers for the 45th Annual ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR 2022). The SIGIR 2022 conference will be held on July 11-15th, in Madrid, Spain. SIGIR 2022 will be run in a hybrid mode: speakers and attendees will have the option to participate onsite or online. Volunteers will participate in the onsite organization of the conference (2 days of work maximum among the 5 of the conference, with 1 day being a main conference day).

Volunteers will have free access to tutorials, workshops, and main conference – including coffee breaks and lunches. Free participation in the banquet/welcome reception is not guaranteed, but we will try to offer these if possible.

Volunteers will be expected to assist staff with tasks such as organizing conference materials, staffing the registration desk, assembling conference packets, assisting session chairs with running technical sessions, checking badges, helping people get where they need to be, running errands, and the like. Volunteers are also required to attend an initial planning meeting before the start of the conference.

A full reimbursement will be given if the volunteer has already registered for the conference. They will also receive a special certificate of being a student volunteer for SIGIR 2022.

If you are interested in being a student volunteer of SIGIR 2022, please fill this online application form by June 1st, 2022 June 7th, 2022 .

The number of places being limited, the selection will be biased towards:

  • Students (at any level, but also non-students) who would otherwise be unable to attend SIGIR (how does this make a difference to you?).
  • Those with a strong motivation to attend the conference (why is it important to you?).
  • Those who increase the diversity of SIGIR (how does your background enrich the scope of SIGIR attendees?).
  • Those who are attending SIGIR for the first time.
  • Those not already supported by SIGIR student travel grants or ACM-W grants.

Applications must be received by June 1st for full consideration.

IMPORTANT: Deadline extended. Applications must be received by June 7th for full consideration.

Volunteer positions will run from Monday, July 11th through Friday, July 15th.

Applicants will be notified if they are selected by June 8th at the latest.

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