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Workshops will take place from 09:00-17:00 on Thursday, 1st August 2013 in the Arts Block, Trinity College Dublin.

Health Search and Discovery: Helping Users and Advancing Medicine - Ryen White (Microsoft Research), Elad Yom-Tov (Microsoft Research), Eric Horvitz (Microsoft Research), Eugene Agichtein (Emory University) and Bill Hersh (Oregon Health & Science University)

Room: 4050A, Arts Block, TCD

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Abstract: This workshop brings together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia to discuss health search and discovery. We will focus on ways to make medical information more readily accessible to laypeople (including enhancements to ranking algorithms and search interfaces), and how we can discover new medical facts and phenomena from information sought by people, as evidenced in their query streams and other sources such as social media. This domain also presents unprecedented opportunities for applications that monitor and improve the quality of life of people with a variety of medical conditions, by providing tools to support their health-related information behavior.

Internet Advertising: Theory and Practice - Bin Gao (Microsoft Research Asia), Jun Yan(Microsoft Research Asia), Dou Shen (Baidu) and Tie-Yan Liu (Microsoft Research Asia)

Room: 3071, Arts Block, TCD

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Abstract: Internet advertising, a form of advertising that utilizes the Internet to deliver marketing messages and attract customers, has seen exponential growth since twenty years ago; it has been pivotal to the success of the Internet industry. The dramatic growth of internet advertising poses great challenges to information retrieval, machine learning, data mining, and game theory, and it calls for novel technologies to be developed. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners in the area of Internet Advertising and enable them to share their latest research results, to express their opinions, and to discuss future directions.

SIGIR 2013 Workshop on Modeling User Behavior for Information Retrieval Evaluation Charles Clarke (University of Waterloo), Luanne Freund (University of British Colombia), Mark Smucker (University of Waterloo) and Emine Yilmaz (University College London)

Room: Swift Theatre, Arts Block, TCD

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Abstract: There is growing interest in ways to incorporate models of human behavior into Cranfield-style evaluation of information retrieval systems. While there are many approaches to this problem, two prominent approaches have been either to start from a user interface and then simulate user interaction with this interface, or to take traditionally styled evaluation measures and make them more realistic in terms of known human behavior. This workshop aims to bring together people to discuss existing and new approaches, ways to collaborate, and other ideas and issues involved in improving information retrieval evaluation through the modeling of user behavior.

EuroHCIR2013 - the 3rd European Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval Max Wilson (University of Nottingham), Birger Larsen (Royal School of Library and Information Science), Tony Russell-Rose (UXLabs), Kristian Norling (Norling & Co) and Preben Hansen (University of Stockholm)

Room: 3126, Arts Block, TCD

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Abstract: The purpose of EuroHCIR is to push the agenda of understanding the role that HCI has with IR systems, beyond InteractiveIR. While the previous two workshops have taken place at more HCI focused conferences (BCS-HCI and IIiX2012), the particular purpose of running EuroHCIR2013 at SIGIR2013 is to better engage with the core IR community, on extended search scenarios like holiday planning, entertainment, and casual browsing. The EuroHCIR workshops have three main goals: 1) Present and discuss novel HCIR designs, systems, and findings. 2) Identify and unite researchers and industry professionals working in this area. 3) Facilitate and encourage collaboration and joint academic and industry ventures. We intend to have a few pertinent presentations, an open format demo/poster session, and proactive breakout groups focusing on uniting IR & HCI researchers over extended search sessions.

BARS'13: Benchmarking Adaptive Retrieval and Recommender Systems Pablo Castells (Universidad Autónonoma de Madrid), Frank Hopfgartner (TU Berlin), Mounia Lalmas (Yahoo! Labs) and Alan Said (CWI)

Room: 3126, Arts Block, TCD

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Abstract: This workshop serves as a venue for work on novel, personalization-centric benchmarking approaches to evaluate adaptive retrieval and recommender systems. New evaluation approaches of such systems should evaluate both functional and non-functional requirements. Functional requirements go beyond traditional relevance metrics and focus on user-centered utility metrics, such as novelty, diversity and serendipity. Non-functional requirements focus on performance and technical aspects, e.g. scalability and reactivity.

Workshop on Time Aware Information Access (#TAIA2013) Susan Dumais (Microsoft Research), Fernando Diaz (Microsoft Research), Miles Efron (University of Illinois), Kira Radinsky (Salespredict), Milad Shokouhi (Microsoft Research) and Maarten de Rijke (University of Amsterdam)

Room: Uí Chadhain Theatre, Arts Block, TCD

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Abstract: #TAIA2013 aims to bring together practitioners and researchers to discuss their recent breakthroughs and the challenges with addressing time-aware information access, both from the algorithmic and the architectural perspectives. This workshop would be a successor to the successful SIGIR 2012 Workshop on Time Aware Information Access (#TAIA2012). Where the 2012 edition was the first to bring together a broad set of academic and industrial researchers around the topic of time-aware information access, the specific focus of this workshop is on the many time-aware benchmarking activities that are on-going in 2013.

Exploration, Navigation and Retrieval of Information in Cultural Heritage ENRICH 2013 Séamus Lawless (Trinity College Dublin), Maristella Agosti (University of Padua), Paul Clough (University of Sheffield) and Owen Conlan (Trinity College Dublin)

Room: Long Room Hub, TCD

Workshop Website - Click Here

Abstract: The first Workshop on the Exploration, Navigation and Retrieval of Information in Cultural Heritage, ENRICH 2013 aims to: 1) to discuss the challenges and opportunities in Information Retrieval research in the area of Cultural Heritage; 2) to encourage collaboration between researchers engaged in work in this specialist area of Information Retrieval, and to foster the formation of a research community; 3) to identify a set of actions which the community should undertake to progress the research agenda. The workshop will encourage the design of search tools that can help end-users fully exploit the wonderful Cultural Heritage material that is available across the globe.

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