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SIGIR 2002 Demonstrations (Updated 29 July 2002)

Monday August 12, 2002, 18 - 21 pm, Tampere Hall, Room A2


A System Using Implicit Feedback and Top Ranking Sentences to Help Users Find Relevant Web Documents
R. W. White, J. M. Jose (University of Glasgow), I. Ruthven (University of Strathclyde)


Indexing, Searching, and Retrieving of Recorded Live Presentations with the AOF (Authoring on the Fly) Search Engine
W. Hürst (Universität Freiburg)


UTACLIR -- General Query Translation Framework for Several Language Pairs
H. Keskustalo, T. Hedlund, E. Airio (University of Tampere)


HyREX: Hyper-media Retrieval Engine for XML
N. Fuhr, N. Gövert, K. Grossjohann (University of Dortmund)


Query Performance Analyser - a Web-based tool for IR research and instruction
E. Sormunen, S. Hokkanen, P. Kangaslampi, P. Pyy, B. Sepponen (University of Tampere)


Adaptive Information Extraction for Document Annotation in Amilcare
F. Ciravegna, A. Dingli, Y. Wilks, D. Petrelli (University of Sheffield)


ExWrap: Semi-Automatic Wrapper Generation by Example
B. Schmitt, M. Christoffel, J. Schneider (University of Karlsruhe)


Souvenir: Flexible note-taking tool to pinpoint and share media highlights
A. Spoerri (Rutgers University)


Hierarchical Approach to Term Suggestion Device
H. Joho, M. Sanderson, M. Beaulieu (University of Sheffield)


Translingual Vocabulary Mappings for Multilingual Information Access
F. C. Gey, A. Chen, M. Buckland, R. Larson (University of California)


GS Textplorer - Adaptive Framework for Information Retrieval
J. Honkela, V. H. Tuulos (Gurusoft)


CuTeX: A System for Extracting Data from Text Tables
H. Davulcu, S. Mukherjee, A. Seth, I. V. Ramakrishnan (SUNY Stony Brook)


YellowPager: A Tool for Ontology-based Mining of Service Directories from Web Services
P. Choudhari, H. Davulcu, A. Joglekar, A. More, S. Mukherjee, S. Patil, I. V. Ramakrishnan (SUNY Stony Brook)